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Hi I'm David from Rolling Forwards, we specialise in training people with various disabilities and medical conditions and also cater for able bodied clients. I have a spinal cord injury and I'm a wheelchair user but can stand and walk a little bit, more of a waddle... But I don't let my disability doesn't stand in the way of my health and it shouldn't stand in the way of yours. 

I worked for Aspire Leisure Centre which is a unique leisure centre in Stanmore on the grounds of RNOH hospital Stanmore. It caters for both disabled and abled members with a specialist Gym which I ran the GP Referral Scheme (PT for people referred by their GP), Assisted Exercise (PT for disabled) and also was assistant Team Leader of the Gym then I became a Duty manager for the centre and I still work there one day a week. Also I compete for British Wheelchair Athletics Association in Seated Throws and in the past I was Para Powerlifter at National Level Competing in British Champs.

  • Level 4 Specialist PT
  • Level 4 Chronic Lower Back Pain
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Exercise for GP Referral (15 Medical conditions including High blood pressure, High Cholesterol, Arthritis, COPD, Depression, Joint Replacement, Back Pain etc) anything that can be improved by exercise.
  • Level 3 Exercise for Disability
  • Level 3 Nutrition for Exercise
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Olympic Lifting Trainer
  • Suspension Trainer (TRX)
  • Athlefit Coach

Mainly all qualified with YMCAfit which are world recognised.

We can build you a fitness plan that allows for any condition and works hand in hand with your Eat2Win Nutrition plan, or independently of it so get in touch.

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David Morphew - Rolling Forwards

British Wheelchair Athlete and specialist Personal Trainer for disability. Concessions available for disabled clients and those with a GP Referral.