Love food, hate diets? 
​​Welcome to a world where food doesn't come from packets and isn't ready when the microwave pings or the doorbell rings. A world of nutrition and flavour where what we create and consume in our home kitchens is an important part of our lives. A world where our health, energy, concentration, skin, hair and nail quality and essentially our waistlines benefit from what we eat and what we choose not to eat. Welcome Eat2Win.

The food our Winners
consume is far from boring,
It is plentiful,
it is tasty, it is pure...
A fresh approach, fresh ingredients, fresh recipes, fresh inspiration makes a fresher you!
What is Eat2Win?
Created by Nutritionists and Chefs as the Anti-Diet, Eat2Win can help everyone lose, gain or maintain their weight safely with exciting, inspiring and tasty meals and is especially well suited to those with a busy schedule as every member of your family can enjoy the same tasty, healthy meals!

Eat2Win promotes health and wellbeing through better food choices, can help those with a diabetic or low cholesterol diet as well as those who suffer from food intolerances and long term illnesses such as Diabetes T2, Hypertension, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

The Eat2Win programme isn't a fad diet, infact Eat2Win isn't a diet at all! 

The Eat2win programme helps you learn techniques enabling you to bin processed foods forever and become a leaner, cleaner eater in a fully supported online environment coached by a qualified & insured Nutritonal Therapist, Personal Trainer and chef.

How many diets have you tried?

Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Herbalife, Cambridge, Atkins, Paleo... Cabbage Soup!!!

How many of those alienated you from the others in your home or family?

How many of those were a pain in the backside to plan meals for, especially when going to work/sending the kids to school or college and needing a lunch and snacks?

How many of those gave you long term continued weight loss or weight maintenance and ongoing health benefits?

How many of those offered truly delicious and filling meals day after day?

Wait, don't answer, if they did you probably wouldn't be reading this but you get the point, right?

Eat2Win is not a diet as in the verb, 'I'm back on my diet'. It is as in the noun, 'your health problems could be related to your diet'. It is a 365 day of the year change in lifestyle with the sole puprose of making and keeping you healthy.

Eat2Win is not a strict regime with long periods of being hungry followed by a meal replacement or protein shake or a boring meal. The food we consume is far from boring, It is plentiful, flavourful and most importantly natural.

Eat2Win is  a full service Nutritional Therapy Clinic with the capability to change habits by focussing on each client as an individual and developing a plan to help them holistically through food, fitness and coaching via one simple to use app.

Eat2Win supports your life changing, conscious decision to prepare and eat meals which promote health, healing, increase energy and seratonin levels, allows family members to enjoy the same food and the same benefits and reclaims our kitchens to give us control of and accountability for our own health for life.

Join the Eat2Win programme and begin your journey to health and weight control. Our qualified and insured coaches provide you with one-to-one coaching for comprehensive support to enable you to take control of your weight, health and wellbeing with minimal impact on your busy schedule using our chef developed recipes or your own, workout videos and nutrition schedlues.

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About the coaches:

Alex is a Level 5 Qualified Nutritional Therapist, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Boxing & Box Fit Coach, author and member of the Federation for Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (mFNTP).

Bonnie is our Diabetes Specialist, Group Counsellor, Life Coach and Qualified L2 Nutrition & Health Practitioner.

Eat2Win coaches are insured to practice in the UK.

Jointly we can coach you to optimum health by taking an holistic, client centred approach to food, fitness and your physical and mental health, to help with:

💚 Weighloss
💚 Obesity Recovery
💚 High Cholesterol
💚 Diabetes (T1, T2, Pre-Diabetes & Gestational Diabetes)
💚 High Blood Pressure
💚 Nutritional Deficiency Diagnosis & Recovery
💚 Exclusion diets for allergy sufferers
💚 Dietary Transition to Vegetarian or Vegan
💚 Pre-conception, pregnancy and breast-feeding nutrition
💚 Post Partum Weightloss
💚 And many other lifestyle related, avoidable conditions

If you’ve tried every diet, joined every gym and are still struggling to lose or maintain weight, now is the time to start eating to win.

Eat2Win’s app powered, live food and fitness coaching service is now available on any device at any time.

Get 365 & get your goals!

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